Ooooh! a destination wedding at gorgeous Sunset Beach!

A lovely and interesting (for reals, it is!) new Visitors’ Guide publication is out and Margo wrote a wedding info article in it, AND some of her photos are in there too!  See pages 41-45 on this link: 

We are now members of the dynamic SBBMA (Sunset Beach Business & Marketing Assn.)  and the full website is:

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Weather Advice for Our Beach Weddings

RAIN INFO:   less than 1% of our 1,200+ beach weddings have been altered due to weather! Besides being “charmed” 😉 here’s why:

For the coastline area between Wilmington NC and Myrtle Beach SC, the weather is relatively stable and dry. Rainfall is very brief, real storms are few, and sunshine is plentiful. Why?  The geography affects the atmosphere and weather pattern:  the North Carolina coastline curves inward as it becomes South Carolina. See red circle on this map:

That inward curve creates a weak eddy (“whirlpool”) in the atmosphere overhead, and that eddy sweeps rainstorms inland or out to sea!  Often, it storms in Wilmington NC or in Myrtle Beach SC, but remains clear and sunny skies inside that red circle.  Thus national forecasts for the beach here, are always very wrong.  So we recommend you avoid the “r” word, disallow joking and worrying about it, and think only “clear, calm weather” instead. Don’t manifest the “r”.  Think about clear, calm, dry light breezes and perfect weather!

Friend, it DOES get wet here sometimes…in 5-20 minute scattered showers. It may not come down at all where your ceremony is, but sprinkling on the next block! So if it sprinkles on you, just wait a few minutes… it will leave soon:

  • Want to accurately track those scattered showers in real time?  Download the free cellphone apps Raindar and AccuWeather and “My Radar” that we use. 
  • Also if THESE forecasters says 30% chance or less of precip, then no worries. If its 50% or less, you MIGHT wait a few minutes if it comes to your neighborhood.


  • May, June, July and August middays are VERY HOT (heat index of 100+ degrees–seriously! Climate change is real here too), so its humid, sweaty/sticky, searing bright sun (no sunglasses during your ceremony), and crowded-with-noisy-tourists on the beach between 830am and 5pm EVERY day – so avoid then!  
  • A beach breeze will not help at 100 degrees in direct sun! 
  • Painful sunburns happen within a 1-5 minutes between 10-2pm for fair skinned.  Use sunblock especially on kids.
  • You can hope for overcast skies, but its rare and temporary, plus the humidity and crowds will stay.  
  • The best time for weddings is sunrise time (about 6-6:30am) or the last hour before sunset (about 7-7:30pm).

    We have done over 1,200 weddings here–we have seen midday weddings be cut short due to burning heat, wilted & fallen expensive hairdos and sweat blotchy clothes, crying burned kids, burned toes, and blinding sun.

    Go early or late instead of midday. Seriously. 

On Another Magazine Cover!

We are proud to be a part of the inaugural 2016 edition of this fine publication by Eric Hause and his wonderful staff: Weddings With Pride!
Photo by Margo Ross Sears; handsome cover model, David W. Sears!
and Margo’s original full size photograph this came from:

Rent Chairs or Stand?

We do not offer seating/chairs because:

  • It’s just us two and we spend all our time and energy only on your ceremony, your photos and YOU. That’s how we keep our services very personal, genuinely caring and amazing! 
  • Plus, many rental companies already serve the same 75+ beaches we do.
  • About 60-70% of our couples don’t rent seats.

So our seating advice:

  • Wedding ceremony lasts about 10 minutes + while guests assemble (5-15 minutes), + during photos session afterward (10-60 minutes).
  • If some guests are elderly, handicapped, or surgery issues, then renting regular chairs is good.
  • If you have less than 30 guests and no elderly or handicapped, consider letting them stand in an arch formation around the couple & officiant (see our Facebook album photos).
  • Or consider seats for the first and/or second row of special guests (parents, g-parents, elders), and invite other guests to stand behind and around them.
  • We recommend renting your seating from vendors we trust–see our list of all their websites here: Suggested Vendors webpage. 

The variety of seating styles is large:

  • metal frame folding chairs (in beige or white, usually)
  • metal chairs with white fabric seat covers and color sashes
  • white polymer chairs (most popular)
  • white polymer chairs with seat covers and color sashes
  • benches – white or other colors (also popular)
  • poufs – pillows scattered on blankets (good for children and young guests)
  • colorful ottomans (exclusively from Sweetwater Bamboo Arbors)

8 Excellence Awards Earned

Great news! David and Margo Sears, owners and operators of BeachPeople Weddings, are pleased to announce earning a fourth win of The Knot’s annual Best of Weddings Award and a third win from Wedding Wire’s annual Couples’ Choice Award for 2016. These prestigious awards in the wedding industry are earned by the highest-rated wedding professionals as voted by former clients and families.  

In 2016, only 2% of 250,000 local NC wedding professionals received this distinguished accolade. BeachPeople Weddings represent the best professionals to inspire, plan and perform quality, custom weddings with perfect 5-star scores from 95 of their 2,600+ clients.
“Since this was our fourth win at The Knot, we were also inducted into their ‘Hall of Fame’ denoting us as the Best of the Best. Grand total, we now have 8 awards for excellence since 2013,” said David Sears. “And I should mention another recent accolade: Margo’s photography made the cover of a Wilmington wedding magazine in 2015. And she has requests for more covers in 2016. We are so blessed!”   
“We really love our jobs and strive to show it all the time,” added Margo Ross Sears, “After every wedding we talk about how mentally and physically we FEEL SO GOOD from all the hugs, smiling faces, happy and loving clients, and beautiful surroundings. Our clients say they feel the same effects! It’s amazing!”
“The two most popular questions we get are:  from where do most of your clients come, and do you perform weddings off the beach? Answers:  yes, we go anywhere the couple wants; and they come from North Carolina and Ohio, but also Florida, California, Texas, Iowa, Arizona, New York, Canada and all over Europe too.”

Congrats to BeachPeople Weddings! Keep up the great work!

 About BeachPeople Weddings:   With over 1,200 weddings on 75+ Carolina coasts and towns since 2004, BeachPeople Weddings offers all types of custom officiating, beautiful professional photography, live flute music, custom flowers, unique décor, and a signature Shellhorn blowing to herald the new marriage. As authentic, non-denominational pastors, actually married to each other, they warmly serve all types of D.I.Y. couples.  Visit them on Facebook, Pinterest, Google or Marry your Soulmate!