Add-On Services

“On wedding day, we moved our ceremony under the house because of weather. It didn’t even phase them. They were excited and their energy was contagious! They really made our ceremony very special and we were blessed! They will remain very close to hearts.” ~ Erin and John Wolokowski, wedmates 

These services may be added to any package!

1) Romantic Sand Art Heart with Shells, Sand Ceremony & Horn Shell Blowing by Minister:
included in ceremony performed by our minister at no charge! We create a sacred space for the couple to stand in. We groom the sand into a heart, using artful imprints and seashells. We give you a unique sand ceremony & glass heart bottle for you to keep, then at the end of the ceremony, our minister blows the Hawaiian Triton Shell Horn herald!  FREE

2) Rehearsal (optional):
Please ask about our popular, free alternative to rehearsal. If Rehearsing with us, it must be scheduled outside of sunset times and no weekends please.
$100 + travel fee, if applicable

3) Margo Ross Sears, Photographer:
Margo is experienced, reliable and talented for years (350+ weddings). She will gracefully capture the emotions and unique moments of your wedding or photo session. Since she has a journalistic style, and is also a graphic artist she can artistically edit and enhance your photos for an editing fee. Margo also offers a Slideshow video or a custom Flipbook of your photos to tell your wedding story to others. See below.

  • BASIC “60” MINUTES WEDDING PHOTOS PACKAGE:  includes 60 minutes of shooting, 100+ images delivered in TWO size sets (large printing size and small electronic sharing size), edited for color & lighting balances only, shipped directly to you on a USB flashdrive with letter of UNLIMITED LIFETIME printing permission for the couple; OR for guests/family (who want to PRINT not just the free electronic images only), may purchase flat $25 for own USB copy with ALL the same stuff on it. (this package already included in our Sandy Soulmates60 & Paradise60 packages). This is my minimal/smallest service:
    * $350, $100 retainer subtracted from total, balance due at wedding
  • BASIC “90” MINUTES WEDDING PHOTOS PACKAGE: includes 90 minutes of shooting, 150+ images delivered in TWO size sets (large printing size and small electronic sharing size), edited for color and lighting balances only, shipped directly to you on USB flashdrive with letter of UNLIMITED LIFETIME printing permission for the couple; OR for guests/family (who want to PRINT not just the free electronic images only), may purchase flat $25 for own USB copy with ALL the same stuff on it. (this package already included in our Sandy Soulmates90, Paradise90,and Brentwood packages). This is great for 35-50 people:
    * $500, $100 retainer subtracted from total, balance due at wedding

PHOTO ADD-ON PACKAGES (add to basic photo service “60” or “90”)

  • CORAL Add-On Package (9 items) —includes additional 1 hour shooting, +60 more images, artistic editing, Engagement Session & Engagement Flipbook 8×8″, video Slideshow, Wedding Album 8×11″ with 90 full-page pics, and paper prints of only the album pics.  $800 (regular price $1040) $100 retainer subtracted from total
  • PEARL Add-On Package (6 items) –includes artistic editing 2x, Engagement Session & Engagement Flipbook 8×8″, video Slideshow and Wedding Album 8×11″ with 90 full-page pics.  $600 (regular price $675) $100 retainer subtracted from total
  • SEA GLASS Add-On Package (3 items) –-includes artistic editing, video Slideshow, Wedding Album 8×11″ with 90 full-page pics. $250 (regular price $350)

PHOTO ADD-ON, ITEMIZED (add to basic photo service “60 or “90”)

 *POPULAR* Artistic Edits and enhancements, includes: 

  • remove strangers/chairs and trash cans in background
  • teeth whitening and tooth replacement
  • remove scars, cuts, sores, blemishes, bruises, pimples, bra straps/tags
  • soften wrinkles and double chin
  • soften harsh shadows on faces (good for midday shoots)
  • reduce bulges on arms or torso where possible
  • remove flyaway hair strands that distract from photo
  • remove red eyes
  • level the horizon line on ocean
  • boost sky colors when too overcast (sunrise/sunset)
  • portrait-quality lighting added
  • sepia, or dramatic all black and white copies
  • white/dreamy/soft focus vignette (misty fog surrounding edges)
  • subtle dark vignette (at edges-puts focus in center)
  • ultra-sharp focus for dramatic effects (for b & w or water splashes)
  • convert to abstract oil painting, and combinations of these effects too.
  • About 50% of images are actually altered in all these ways….I keep it looking real and natural and pretty! only $50

  • RECEPTION PHOTOS for 3 HOURS and 180 minimum pics. Location must be within 10 miles of ceremony or travel fee applies.
  • ADDED SHOOTING TIME- to other photo packages, includes 60+ more images, as Margo is available.
    $200 / 60 minutes
  • TRAVEL FEE FOR MARGO is zero when she rides with David. Otherwise, travel fee applies.
  • SLIDESHOW VIDEO – (MP4 format) with up to 200 of your Best-Of photos, with music, panning and fading animation, subtle special effects and art graphics. Mailed to you. See example here.  $150
  • FLIPBOOK – 8″x 8″, custom photo hardcover, lay-flat binding, 20-40 images, subtle art graphics, mailed to you.  $75
  • WEDDING ALBUM – 8″x 11″, with 90 full page size images, custom photo hardcover, lay-flat binding,  subtle art graphics, mailed to you. $150
  • EXTRA FLASHDRIVE COPY – Digital images for guests who want to PRINT the pics (not just post them online which they can do for free). A complete copy of your USB flashdrive, printing permission letter, mailed to your guest/family inside the U.S. (overseas postage extra). $25 
  • ENGAGEMENT PHOTO SESSION – FUN! Includes 60 minimum images, in two sets (printing size and sharing size), all edited for color & lighting only, mailed to you on USB flashdrive with letter of printing permission. No bookings between June – September please! Suggested locations: Vereen Gardens with Intracoastal Waterway, a trees-y Park along the Intracoastal Waterway, Old Bridge/New Bridge Park, on the Beach or under pier, your hotel or B&B lawn, golf course or country club lawn between OIB and North Myrtle. Further locations have travel fee. $100 retainer, balance due on shoot date: *$200 / 60 minutes

*add Artistic Edits $50
*add Flipbook $75,
 8″x 8″, lay-flat spine, custom cover, 20-25 best images

5) Videographer: 
Since 1988, Bob Collins is an experienced, fast, fun, talented and reliable professional videographer. He filmed dozens of our weddings! Bob offers a variety of price packages and has no travel fee between Holden Beach NC to Georgetown SC (farther locations available with travel fee). We MUST confirm his availability BEFORE we promise this service!  FYI: The basic “1-1-1 Production” package works well with us; $316 (tax included)
Because Bob is an outside vendor, prior payment in full is needed AFTER he confirms. Or you may hire Bob directly yourself for same price:

6) Children’s vows:
For children & stepchildren to say “I do” in a fun and meaningful way, accepting their new family member.  Most kids just say “I do” or simply nod. $5

7) In-Laws or All-Guests support vows:
They say “I do” together with customized wording, in support of your new marriage. $5

8) Professional Fresh Flowers:
Hand-delivered and tax included, customized by professional florist in your choice of color, style and flower types!  With hand-tied ribbon handles, and optional accents like pearls or rhinestones or shells. See our florist’s work HERE. We send you full instructions on how to order this:

  • Bridal bouquet–domestic blooms, your colors, your flower types, ribbon-wrap handle, standard shape (half ball) $100
    • w/exotic imported blooms (orchids, peonies, bird of paradise), add $35/bunch
    • cascade shape, add $50
    • keepsake, small, rhinestone brooch on handle, add $20
  • Boutonniere $15
  • Bridesmaid bouquet $50 (2/3rd size of Bridal)
  • Mini-bouquet $25 (1/2 size, usually for little girls)
  • Corsage $20
  • Bag of rose petals $14 and $19 (300-500 petals)
  • Arbor sprays, single stems, and tablepieces also available; just ask us!
    Because this is an outside vendor, prior payment in full is needed.

9) Celtic Handfasting (formal) with Calling 7 Directions:
An elaborate and ancient symbolic bonding of your right hands with ribbons! First, smudging, then setting up a Medicine Wheel/Sacred Space in the sand, calling in the Seven Directions and the Elements. Then later, couple declares heartfelt, custom vows while minister places 3-7 cords or ribbons around your hands (temporarily). Bring your own cords/ribbons. $50

10) Celtic Handfasting (simple):
Officiant drapes up to 6 cords/ribbons around your hands (temporarily) while guiding couple through 6 heartfelt, custom vows. This is incorporated as the vows portion of the ceremony. Bring your own cords/ribbons. $25

11) First Gifts Ceremony Red Rose/Seashell :
The first gift between the couple which becomes an anniversary tradition or a tool to seek marital peace in the future. Use 2 red roses or gift-quality seashells that you supply. $5

12) Gratitude Gifting Ceremony:
During ceremony, the couple gives a special seashell to parents/in-laws or whomever, and minister speaks customized words of appreciation. We supply GORGEOUS, upscale gift seashells (ask us for photo). $30

13) Wishing Stones Toss:
At beginning of ceremony, everyone is given 3 small stones and invited to the water’s edge, the officiant leads everyone to make 3 happy wishes (for self, couple, world) while making 3 throws as a group into the ocean, then everyone cheers! We supply clean stones. $20

14) Celtic Stones Toss:
At beginning of ceremony, everyone is given 3 small stones and invited to the water’s edge, the officiant leads everyone to make 3 throws, as a group, into the ocean while the officiant says 3 blessings, then everyone cheers! A releasing of the Old, and welcoming of the New! We supply clean stones.  $20

15) Family Broom Jump:
The couple, family, and/ or friends may jump the broom in honor of the union, of marriage, or new beginning, new families, or re-commitment to own marriage or whatever you wish. Bring a broom you decorated. $5

16) Rings Blessing & Warming:
All your guests touch and bless the couple’s wedding rings as they pass them around safely in your sheer fabric drawstring bags, and then the couple exchanges the Blessed Rings. $10

17) 4 Gifts from the Deep:
The couple place four strands of handmade seashell lei’s on each other while a blessing is said for each other representing Patience, Joy, Love, and Connection. We supply the lovely Seashell Lei’s and you keep them. $35

18) Native American/First Nation Rite of 7 Steps:
After minister calls in the 7 Directions, the couple takes 7 Steps, making 7 promises and blessings to each other to start your ceremony or finish it. $10

19) Jewish Smash the Glass:
At the end of ceremony, the Officiant says a blessing and description of the ancient Hebrew ritual for the groom (and/or bride!) to stomp and break some wrapped glass, followed by a group cheer of “Mazel Tov!”  $5

20) Keepsake Marriage Certificate:
Lovely custom graphics, your full names/ date /location on fine, thick certificate paper, corners clover-notched (luck blessings!), embossed with our golden foil seal, hand signed, suitable for framing. $10

21) Sweet Honeymoon Basket:
Champagne or red wine or white wine or sparkling  juice; 2 glass flutes; Candle in a glass jar; wooden matches; handcrafted-by-Margo goatmilk & honey, kissing-moon shaped Honeymoon Soap; a real Carolina whelk seashell; your choice of a large dark, milk, or white Godiva™ Chocolate bar; Keepsake Marriage Certificate (above); in a colorful, pretty basket with a fluffy bow! $45

  • 21A) BASKET UPGRADE 1 – all of original Honeymoon basket, BUT substitute all 3 Godiva chocolate bar flavors, and a finer drink and fancier basket decor with candle, matches, soap and whelk shell: add $25 (MUST order this upgrade at least 1 week in advance)
  • 21B) BASKET UPGRADE 2 – upscale larger basket, premium Godiva gold-box chocolate truffles box in all flavors, your choice of finer wine or 2 non-alc’s, 2 soaps, finer milled Candle, wooden matches, romantic and beach-y souvenirs, more NICE seashells, fine glass flutes, plus fanciest basket decor: add $45 (MUST order this upgrade at least 2 weeks in advance)

23) Flute Serenade by David:
David Sears plays the Native American cedar & crystal Love Flute (or the White Nature Flute in wet weather) at whatever point you wish, such as groom entrance, bride entrance, guests seating, first dance on the beach afterward, etc. Hear him on this link $30

24) Chairs and/or Arbor:  Save money and stress, click here.

25) Tying the Knot:
Each ties your half of a simple fisherman’s knot (we show you how) on a pretty rope, we thread them together, bless it all, then together you pull the 2 half-knots into One whole knot! Nice in a shadow box display. Couple only, or 4 ppl total may participate. We supply rope. $10

26) Memorial:
We edit custom wording, actions, or items to the beginning of the ceremony memorializing any loved ones not present such as, an announced moment of silence to throwing flowers in ocean with prayers. Simple, or elaborately customized service, your choice. starting at $5

27) PA System & Music for rent:
We set up & break down our portable, self-contained, 40-watt speaker and amplifier which has 1 wireless mic and i-pod/cellphone hookup, on a 5 ft. stand. During ceremony only. Your recorded music or ours! $50

Add this to any package! By an Iron Chef winner, Eric Masson, at historic Brentwood Restaurant and Wine Bistro in Little River SC, for 10+ people for 3 hours. This basic gourmet dinner includes hors d’oeuvres, salad, your choice of filet mignon/ poultry/ fish entree (consider elegant upgrades: delicious lobster, scallops, grouper, veal, or lamb), choice of vegetable side, coffee/ tea/ soft drink/ water. Includes taxes, gratuities, private dining room with fireplaces, chandelier, white table linens and historic restaurant decor (floral decor available with our florist or Brentwood’s florist) Child’s menu, vegetarian or gluten-free menus available. Regular dining rooms seat up to 22 people included, however larger groups require additional fee for largest room or outdoor The Garden Pavilion (more info from Chef Eric). Popular upgrades from this basic package are: champagne toast, alcohol drinks, escargot, oysters, wedding cake/dessert, rehearsal dinner.

$750/off-season;  or $900/prime-season, for first 10 people.
Additional Adults (age 12 yrs & up) $60/each off-season, or $75/each prime-season
Additional Children (age 11-3yrs) $25/each off-season, or $30/each prime-season
Babies (age 0-2yrs) Free

29) Save-The-Date Shell & Sand Images (or for Invitations or Decor):
Original background or border photos by Margo of the sand & seashell design we make for you to stand in during your ceremony! For invitations, Save-the-Date cards, thank-yous, place cards, reception signage or any use. Comes with Text Boxes (black or white blocks) or without the blocks!  Edited to any size you need.
Click here to see them on Facebook.
$3/image, or all 22 for $50 (reg $66)

30) La Ceremonia En Espanol:
La pastora Margo lea y habla español muy bien, con un accento authentica y intonación corecto. No esta fluente en conversaciones porque los oportunidades para oir español han sido raro. Margo ofresca ceremonias de matrimonia, cristiana pero sin denominación, en español. También se ofresca otras tipos de ceremonias. Si quieres, también ofrece un tranductora profesional quien puede ayudarse a un costo adicional de setenta cinco dólares. Lo siento, pero el pastor David no habla mucho español. Si pastora Margo esta disponible para tu boda, su servicio de español costarán $50 extra. La totalidad $350.

TRANSLATION: Pastor Margo reads and speaks Spanish very well with a Latin accent and proper intonation. But she is not fluent in conversation because she has rare opportunities to hear Spanish. She offers translated non-denominational Christian ceremonies. Other types of ceremonies are also available for translation. If needed, we also offer a professional Spanish translator for $75. Sorry, but Reverend David does not speak much Spanish. If Pastor Margo is available for your wedding, her Spanish service is $50 extra.The grand total would be $350. 

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