See 2 methods for cutting wedding cake, but neither is difficult:

First, disassemble the entire cake to cut the largest tier first. (Why? Because if there is any cake leftover, it will be easier to store).

Next, cut a 2″ wide strip of cake from one side.

Using a gloved hand (or cake cutting comb as shown) and the side of knife blade, gently lay the 2″ strip over on it’s side. It won’t fall apart.

The easy part…. just begin cutting the 2″ strip into 1″ pieces. Helpful hint: Did you know that if you bend your thumb, the distance between the bent knuckle and the end of your base nail is about one inch? You have handy 1-inch ruler!

Using a cake cutting comb/server or a gloved hand is a sanitary way to move the pieces of cake to plates.