GREAT ADVICE FROM 1550+ beach weddings experience ~  Margo cannot emphasize this enough… Nothing ruins your wedding photos like hair / bangs of a bride (or the daughter or mom or a bridesmaid) flapping loose, unpinned, unsprayed in your eyes and mouth due to wind whipping because:
  • It absolutely WILL flop in your  eyes when windspeed is 9+ mph – always
  • And now you have a large, hairy “squid” covering your face in pics!
  • Frustrated, clawing, hair-flipping distracted people SCOWL in your weddng photos
  • And all the after-poses HAVE to be in the same direction, same background, no creativity, no variations and some GREAT poses are impossible… cuz loose-hair-ladies must face the wind only.Seriously… Margo’s photos totally rock… don’t cut yourself off from that!!!

REMEMBER, it is WHIPPING WINDY at the beach 90% of the time!  If the forecast says wind speed is above 9 mph, then fix your hair tightly which means

  • BASIC: at least wear a decorated or simple headband with hairspray
  • BETTER: use bobby pins, combs, flowers, braids, and hairspray a lot
  • BEST for DIY.:  TON of strong hairspray, plus pins, plus combs or barrettes, a tiara, flowers, plus gel/wax and lots MORE HAIRSPRAY!
  • BEST OF ALL:  hire a pro hairdresser to style it right AND who has experience with beach weddings, PLUS insist on tons of hairspray.
  • This is true for men’s hair too!  High wind means he has Alfalfa sprouts or a large “divot” gap in his head in photos. USE LOTS OF HAIRSPRAY! TONS!
And another BIG FYI:  
WEAR your biggest and SHINY JEWELRY TODAY! This is a wedding…its one time only and special…and these are your once-in-a-lifetime wedding photos. So at least borrow some pearls, or a “big” necklace, wear shinier, nicer earrings, AND put on a nice bracelet.  Strapless or sundresses:  look VERY strange and bland without showy bling at neckline. Seriously, you look washed out, blah, bland, lifeless, and bluntly…it gives a vague visual hint of not really wanting to do this or dress up for this, as if you don’t care, kinda slap-dash…SO wear your showy bling, ladies! REALLY! Even a simple string of costume pearls is great! 
Hope this helps! 💖