Good news–Less than 1% of our 1,500+ beach weddings were altered due to rain! Besides being “charmed” 😉 here’s why:

For the coastline area between Wilmington NC and Myrtle Beach SC, the weather is relatively stable and dry. Rain is very brief, real storms are few, and sunshine is plentiful. Why?  The geography affects the atmosphere and weather pattern:  the North Carolina coastline curves inward as it becomes South Carolina. See red circle on this map, at right.

That inward curve creates a weak eddy (“whirlpool”) in the atmosphere overhead, and that eddy sweeps rainstorms inland or out to sea!  Often, it storms in Wilmington NC or in Myrtle Beach SC, but remains clear and sunny skies inside that red circle.  Thus national forecasts for the beach here, are always very wrong.  So we recommend you avoid the “r” word, disallow joking and worrying about it, and think only “clear, calm weather” instead. Don’t manifest the “r”.  Think about clear, calm, dry light breezes and perfect weather!

Friend, it DOES get wet here sometimes…in 5-20 minute scattered showers. It may not come down at all where your ceremony is, but sprinkling on the next block! So if it sprinkles on you, just wait a few minutes… it will leave soon:

  • Want to accurately track those scattered showers in real time?  Download the free cellphone apps “Raindar” and “AccuWeather” and My Radarthat we use.
  • Also if THESE forecasters says 30% chance or less of precipitation, then no worries. If its 50% or less, you MIGHT wait a few minutes if it comes to your neighborhood.


  • Climate change is real here:  in May, June, July and August mid-days are SCORCHING HOT (heat index of well over 100+ degrees & 85+ degrees at dawn too!).  Plus its humid, sweaty/sticky, searing bright sun (want no-sunglasses during ceremony?), and crowded-with-noisy-tourists on the beach between 8:30am and 5pm EVERY day – so avoid that time.
  • A breeze will not help at 100+ degrees in direct burning sunlight! and you can’t jump in water or walk away to a shade-canopy during your ceremony.
  • Sunburns happen within a 1-5 minutes between 9-3 pm for fair skinned.  Use sunblock especially on kids. Bring umbrellas for shade and water bottles too.
  • You can hope for overcast skies, but its temporary, plus the sweaty high humidity and noisy crowds will stay anyway.
  • Overhead sunlight casts black shadows on faces, making weveryone look haggard, angry, tired, and old. Not so at dawn and dusk!
  • The best time for weddings is sunrise time, or the last hour before sunset, dusk.
  • We have done over 1,500 weddings here–we have seen midday weddings suffer from burning heat, wilted expensive hairdos and sweat blotchy clothes, crying burned kids, burned feet, thick crowds, and blinding sun. Go early or late instead of midday. Seriously. PLEASE heed this!
  • FYI:  WIND and HAIR can make a mess so, CLICK HERE TO READ MANAGING THAT TOO! 


rain weather map