WE are the lucky ones. . .

We LOVE what we do here–this job is THE BEST in the world!
Friend, we are toes-in-sand on these gorgeous beaches EVERY day, mixing with happy people, who are hugging everyone, laughing and celebrating love…and we make their dreams come true in TWO ways–in amazing lovely photos AND in real life! Drenched in Love and Happiness daily, our life is a blessing tenfold… we are the lucky ones!  

So we bring you the REAL romance of tying the knot on the beach! (or tighten the knot in a renewal)
This is the Beachpeople way…we are the specialists at this…imagine a nice, sunny, fresh, outdoor beach wedding. You two are wearing something soft, light, crisp and beachy with your toes in the sand. See and feel yourself standing on the shore with waves crashing, warm breezes, sunlight, billowing sea grass and seagulls calling. You are surrounded by your loved ones in the soft sugar sand, holding hands. And you’re about to become heart-joined with the love of your life. This amazing moment, your wedding, becomes about only YOU. This is our mission!

So, we are more than ministers and a photographer…
Mr. and Mrs. David and Margo Sears are romantics, soulmates, and Twin Flames to each other. Also they are certified life coaches, published authors, a former English professor, a flutist, Reiki Master Teachers, meditation teachers, a motorcycle owner, leaders of a multi-faith church, foodies and animal lovers. The Sears are also happily owned by their spoiled and handsome rescue-cat, Loki Bones. 

And we bring these happy energies to every ceremony!
“Service and generosity to others is our passion and joy. We respect your wishes, your privacy, your choices for yourselves and your wedding day. IF you are happy, we are too. This is our fulltime jobs… we WANT you to be very pleased!” David says.
“Moreover, we are not ‘mail-order’ ministers–we are REAL pastors of a real church based in Greensboro NC called L.E.W.A. with over 200 clergy under us, ordained as non-denominational, in person, and we honor all Paths and belief systems including non-religious. And we warmly same-sex, multi-racial, and multi-faith couples, biker couples, as well as divorced folks, live-togethers, expecting parents, last-minute weddings, and vow renewals. All are warmly welcome here!” Margo says. And…

BEACHES ARE SPECIAL PLACES living focal points for our spiritual selves. The ocean and shore defy human control and require us to respect that they are wild places, always existing in a state of grace between the known and the mysterious. We feel that special “larger than ourselves” thing at the beach, and we see refreshment and renewal every time a wave washes over a footprint or a sandcastle. It is a unique place of amazing beauty and humbling power. 

Friend, we are the experts at doing this.
We are fully licensed by the state, authorized by our church, certified, trained, experienced and fully insured since 2004 and have performed over 1,550 ceremonies and over 500 wedding shoots. Margo is a former English professor in Japan and the U.S. Also, David plays the flute professionally and leads drumming circles locally. And Beachpeople Weddings is an active member of professional associations (The Knot, Professional Photographers Assn., Sunset Beach Biz & Merchant Assn, etc).  So, tap the red-orange box above to view us in a short TV interview…


  • Fourth feather in her cap! Fourth magazine cover photo by Margo Ross Sears since 2015.
  • Recently, we earned our 11th and 12th service excellence awards from The Knot & Wedding Wire, from high reviews by our clients!
  • David acquired 3 more wooden flutes for your musical enjoyment! 
picture collage of BeachPeople David and Margo Sears

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