Suggested Vendors List

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While we cannot guarantee the services and products of other businesses, we have seen these people provide good, honest and attractive work. This list of suggested vendors is only a courtesy to help you in your planning process! Enjoy!


“So far, I have used a realty rental company, bakery, chair rental company, and videographer from your suggested vendors. Your suggested vendors saved us a great deal of money and time. They are kind, professional and reasonably priced so, I get to include items and services into our wedding that I really wanted but didn’t think we could afford! Thank you!”  ~ Mrs. Trina Costa, bride


Rentals – Chairs, Arbors, Beach Houses, Condos

Hotels, Resorts & Off-Beach Venues 



Hair, Make-Up, Nails, Massage Therapy



Catering and Reception Dinners 

For a looooong list of recommended local eateries, please email us. 

DJs and Musicians 


Other photographers we recommend:

Other Services – Gifts, Invites, Boat Captain, Rings, Dance lessons, Etc. 

Wedding Magazines online

Planners & Coordinators

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suggested vendors

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