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Gay couples & ANY couples are
always warmly welcome here!

Since 2004, we happily serve the LGBTQ community too.

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Concerned about a gay wedding in public? Or how strangers may react?
No worries here. First, we feel very protective of ALL our clients. As fortune has it, NOT ONE stranger has been inappropriate at these weddings—not even once.  Quite the contrary, strangers often cheer from a respectful distance, or stand up and applaud, grinning & waving when they see us and you standing up for what we believe in. Your wedding gives people genuine Hope for our struggling society; hope for Humanity!  It is quite beautiful to see, and an honor to witness!

“We were a little reluctant at first during our browsing [for vendors], because we only wanted to share our special day with people who truly accepted us. David and Margo were/are definitely the ones! They made us feel at ease and accepted us from the moment we started working with them. I would recommend Beachpeople Weddings to absolutely anyone especially to the LGBT community.” Joanna A. & Lori F.A., wedmates

  • You have a choice of male or female officiant, who are David or Margo (see About Us page).
  • While every couple is inherently unique, we have no desire to view your wedding as different. We love working with everyone!
  • We offer a woman photographer, Margo, but we can recommend great male photographers who are totally gay-friendly.
  • All other vendors we offer directly (florist, videographer, Brentwood, etc) are LGBT friendly (we checked).
  • A simple ceremony, or an elaborate one, or something in-between are all good choices with us.
  • Non-religious wording, or spiritual wording, or using YOUR own words also invited here. We’ll guide you!
  • Please see our Prices & Services pages for more details
  • Then email us through our Contact page to start booking.
  • Thank you for letting us serve you!


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“Our wedding was exactly the way we wanted it, and stress free!” ~ Anna & Jeri Lopez, brides