We do not offer seating/chairs or arbors HOWEVER: 

  1. Out of 1,500+ weddings, 70% didn’t use seating, 90% didn’t use an arbor or arch.
  2. Rental biz takes several hours of hard labor, storage, maintenance… but it’s just Dave & Margo at BeachPeople Weddings, so we spend all our time and resources on your ceremony, your photos and YOU.
  3. IF needed, we recommend good rental companies (click here) but read on… 

SEATING ADVICE:  Wedding ceremony lasts about 10 mins + guests assembling (5-15 mins) + photos session afterward (30-60 mins).

  • If some guests are elderly, handicapped, pregnant, then having seats/chairs is good.
  • If you have fewer than 30 guests and no elderly or handicapped, consider no chairs.  Letting them stand in an half-round formation around the couple & officiant (click here to see that in our Facebook album photos).
  • Or consider bringing out a few folding chairs for the “first row” of special guests (parents, g-parents, elders, handicapped), and invite fit guests to stand around them.
  • If you rent chairs/seats or an arbor, we recommend renting from vendors we know and trust (avoid rusty, greasy, broken ugly chairs!) – click this link to see a list of Rental websites here: Suggested Vendors webpage
  • When asking for quotes, be sure to ask for delivery fee and setup fee…those are 2 more separate fee!

ARBOR ADVICE:  The beach itself is very unique and lovely backdrop alone. With officiating, we include an artful demarcation of your wedding site with our unique sand grooming and seashells heart at your feet, and the cast iron hook-and-shell horn. But, some people like the extra color and framing of an arbor in their photos… so its a personal taste thing!  FYI: arbors can be white PVC (shiny plastic), painted metal, or bamboo wood. They can be 4 or 2 posts. The thinner, lighter ones are cheaper AND VERY LIKELY to fall over in the wind and soft sand beach (especially with fabric draped on them). Those with 4 posts, chunkier and professionally well-anchored with metal stakes 2 feet deep, are safe, worthy and much more lovely.  FYI:  about 50% of the “homemade” arbors we’ve seen don’t work out…hard to transport, delicate, breakable, not anchorable, not wind resistant, and falls right over. Honestly, if you want an arbor, shop around and rent one from trusted pros.